H&S Taraz is Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario. Our office is located in North York with more than 20 years experience.

They provide accounting and tax services in Great Toronto Area for different industries to help owners and executives make smarter business decisions. Their portfolio of clients is quite diverse and stretches across the individual Professions, Franchises, Construction, Real estate, Manufacturing, Digital industries and Mid-size Non-for-profit organizations.

H&S Taraz Responsive Web Design in Tehran Iran
When H&S Taraz Asked us to upgrade their website

First noticeable issue of their previous website was the lack of support for different devices such as mobile, tablets and TVs, we made sure their new web representative act perfectly on any device

When you are doing great, your online presence matters, a professional-looking, easy to manage website is what we delivered 

Nowadays Responsive Design Matters
Responsive web design by milaniz
Responsive Design Should Play Nice not Just Look Good

We've put a lot of time into the responsive web design version of H&S Taraz website to make sure it fits perfectly in every device and works as good as it does on a desktop browser

Persian Language Support - Web Design Firm in Toronto
Persian Language, Right to Left Design

Supporting and actually delivering a 100% functional multilingual website is not a simple task, most others just duplicate the current internet site, change the language and pass it off as a multilingual website, but there's more to what catches the eye

Multilingual Administration Website by milaniz
Perfectly Synced Translations of Each Language

Managing each language through a single uniform administration area with the possibility of adding one content and translating it right after to another language is just the functionality every multilingual website should have

Looking for A Perfect Multilingual & Responsive Website?

Give us a heads up and we will take care of the rest :)

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