Hango is an art place for wall paintings and poster designs, you can place your order and get a customized version of the item you’d like based on size, material or even orientation, while the system calculates the exact price based on your criteria!

Hango Designs done by Milaniz
Hango is a weird art show-room!
Can you hang an art piece on a website?

Sure you can! at Hango, we've designed the website in a way that you get the feeling of having that piece hanged on your own wall, with the same material that you choose!

e-Commerce solition

Hango is also a marketplace for creative minds to come and submit their artworks if only approved it will be showcased and will be set to go on sales!

The system is designed in a way that you can customize the frame, pallette and size of the artwork and pay for what you asked for!

Hango Designs done by Milaniz
On the other hand, Responsiveness!

The website is completely user-friendly and responsive designed, so you can surf around, customize your art piece and purchase what you want with ease on mobile or desktop

Product focused design, clutter-free
Hango Designs done by Milaniz

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