AdView is a job search website and not a job board. This means their users are provided with the most current job vacancies advertised across the United Kingdom. In fact, they only list the most current vacancies - so their users can be sure that they're getting the most up to date jobs out there.

In a collaboration with the company behind Adview.Online & TheCVBank we designed and developed Adview, one of the most dominant UK's jobs aggregator

Job board web design by milaniz
Not just another Job Search website...
UX Design by milaniz
Handcrafted User Experience Design

Perfect user experience (UX) requires a lot of sketches before actually implementing the design, milaniz designers make sure their design look as good as their functionality.

Interactive web design in Canada Toronto
Interactive, Real-Time functionality

Have you noticed using and surfing some websites are easier than the rest? well, it's not random! it's a thought-through process when building a website, whether it's just a simple brochure-like website or it's a complex job board such as Adview

We Love Challenges!

You think your project is not that easy to implement? Cool! we love to hear about it, give us a call and we will talk it through and give you a guideline on how to actually make that a reality

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